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"Involving the Packaging Manufacturer in the Design Process"

I have a product in development that is still in the concept phase. Right now it seems too early to include a packaging manufacturer. Wouldn't it make better sense to do this after we have the product designed?

Last Updated On May 15, 2008

No, it is definitely not too early and in many cases it is a perfect time to start working with your packaging supplier. Ideally, the two paths of developing the device and the package with the device should run concurrent to one another. You can evaluate the material compatibility with the device and any special requirements around shielding and sterilization in the development phase. You can also discuss options regarding the best “type” of package for this product, the ramifications of cost, how the end use customer perceives the packaging materials, and many other features more easily designed into the package if known early in the product design phase. The bottom line is that the earlier the SPM gets involved, the more likely you are to optimize package performance as well as cost.