Committed to the safety and sterility of medical device packaging.

About SPMC

Our Mission for a Quarter Century

The SPMC Mission

SPMC is a consortium of like-minded companies committed to patient protection by providing sterilization packaging for life-saving medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The SPMC collaborates with our supply chain partners and regulators to provide packaging requirement guidance, test methodology clarity, standards development, and user education. SPMC members use their wealth of experience for the betterment of all.

SPMC develops test methods and guidance documents

Flexible packaging for medical devices must withstand a rigorous and complex sterilization process in order to ensure sterility and safety.

SPMC, in conjunction with standards setting organizations, is actively engaged in the development of test methods and guidance documents for the sterilizable flexible packaging of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

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SPMC's standards are referenced at home and internationally

Some of our standards are referenced by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) and a few have been incorporated into ASTM standards which have been accepted by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as Consensus Standards.

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Safety through consistency and reproducibility

SPMC’s standards provide consistency and reproducibility to the design and production of sterilizable flexible packaging and help improve understanding and communication throughout the packaging supply chain. Most importantly, they help ensure the quality, performance and safety of flexible sterilization packaging.

Advancing both patient safety and packaging sustainability

SPMC works to ensure that legislation around plastics, packaging, and packaging waste considers the unique requirements of medical device packaging in protecting patient safety, while still realizing the mutual goal of improving packaging sustainability.

Thought leaders in the medical device packaging field

SPMC’s member companies are market and technical leaders in the field of healthcare flexible packaging. Together, we collaborate, sharing our technical and regulatory knowledge in order to educate the industry and provide guidance to ensure the safety of medical packaging. Our work for the SPMC is done on a voluntary basis.

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