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Throughout the SPMC’s history, our shared technical information has evolved from the development of FAQ’s to the writing of consensus standards and the presentation of webinars. This section pulls various parts of that history together into white papers. Our aim is to provide tools for learning and decision-making that clarify aspects of packaging and to help illustrate its value in protecting medical device and other healthcare products.

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For many years, SPMC's Technical Committee has participated in industry webinars.

On September 11, 2019, the webinar SPMC Learning Tools: A guide to gels and sterile barrier integrity measures was held in conjunction with Packaging Digest. The webcast is available on demand for one year. Packaging and quality engineers at medical device manufacturers will want to hear this informative hour-long presentation, which provides a film manufacturer's and converter's perspective on gels and sterile barrier package integrity.

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If you have a question related to sterilization packaging, please fill out our Technical Assistance Form. SPMC's Technical Committee reviews these questions on a monthly basis, and either develops an FAQ to add to this website, or bundles a number of similar or related questions into a white paper. Please note that FAQs and white papers take time to develop, so if you need a more immediate answer to your question, please feel free to reach out directly to any of the member companies listed on the SPMC Contact page.

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For quick technical guidance you can share with your entire team, SPMC is developing infographics you can download, print or email. The information contained on these easy-to-understand visuals are developed by the experts who serve on our technical committee.


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SPMC's FAQs are an industry resource developed by our member companies' technical experts, who convene regularly to answer your questions and lend guidance regarding material challenges for flexible sterilization packaging.

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