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Material and Sterile Barrier Systems

"Adhesives for Rapid ETO Cycles"

Are there any adhesives that facilitate or accommodate for the rapid EO cycle?

Last Updated On May 15, 2008

Yes, there are adhesives available that perform very reliably in rapid Ethylene Oxide cycles. Overall porosity of the package is critical for success in rapid EtO cycles as there are more pressure changes. As a result, packages with a very small ratio of breathable material to non breathable material – small headers or patches of breathable material related to the overall size of the package – will see the greatest stress. Keep in mind that in rapid EtO processing there are more pressure changes often accompanied by increased levels of relative humidity. Adhesives need to be able to withstand the increased number of pressure changes and the materials themselves need to be able to withstand the increased levels of relative humidity.  Your packaging supplier can guide you with material recommendations for your specific package (pouch, header bag, vented bag etc) and your specific EtO processing conditions.