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"Improving Test Methods"

Is ASTM F02 working on any improvements to F2096, pressurized bubble emission?

Last Updated On April 18, 2011

ASTM F2096 is an integrity test able to detect gross leaks (~250 μm hole) with 81% probability in a submerged package inflated with air. This method instructs the user on how to determine the test pressure in a porous package though a process of intentionally creating a hole with an instrument of a specific size. Air is used to inflate the package until bubbles of air escape through this hole. This sets up the air pressure needed to find a similar-sized defect in the test packages. Recently, a study on variations of technique in the application of F2096 was conducted by a student from MSU’s School of Packaging in collaboration with DDL. The results were presented to the ASTM subcommittee F02.40: Package Integrity. A ballot is currently underway in ASTM to update this document.