Mark Your Calendar for February 7, 2024

This Year's Celebration Theme:
"Opening Possibilities!"

Every day, nurses and other healthcare professionals open millions of sterile packages across the U.S. Whether they're administering routine medical care or performing a life-saving procedure, each time a sterile pouch is opened, a life-enhancing possibility is created. That's why this year's Sterile Packaging Day theme is "Opening Possibilities!"

We're delighted to convene for the fourth annual celebration of Sterile Packaging Day 2024 on Wednesday, February 7! This year's event theme of "Opening Possibilities" salutes the nurses and clinicians who work tirelessly to promote health, prevent disease, and help patients with illnesses. As the "end-users" of sterile packages, we are grateful for their dedication and care in maintaining the safety and sterility of the medical products they administer.

The Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council (SPMC) will be leading the 2024 Sterile Packaging Day celebration both in-person at MD&M West in Anaheim and online via our growing LinkedIn community! This web toolkit provides details about this year's event, what it means to leaders in the industry, and ways in which you can join the celebration on February 7, 2024!

Partnering for Excellence

A Supply Chain Dedicated to Safety in Healthcare

SPMC founded Sterile Packaging Day to recognize and thank all of our partners in the supply chain who work together to deliver innovative, safe, and sterilized devices and supplies to medical professionals.

Recognizing Nurses and End-Users

This year, we salute the nurses and related medical professionals who deliver healthcare across our nation. As the "end-users" of sterile pouches and packages containing medical devices and equipment, nurses ensure that the items remain sterile until point-of-contact, protecting patients and saving lives.

Medical Care in Diverse Settings

Nurses work in a variety of healthcare settings as well as traditional hospitals. Today's packaging systems not only protect the wide range of medical products and devices used by nurses, but they also offer convenience and ease-of-use for both healthcare professionals and their patients.

Industry-Backed Patient Care

Nurses place their trust in the sterile packaging supply chain, which works to validate the entire packaging design process. In fact, behind every sterile package, there's a supply chain fully committed to safety. From the identification and control of the materials, to the process variables that can occur during manufacture, validation offers unequivocal peace of mind for the healthcare professionals treating our loved ones.

Trust in Sterile Packages

Pharmaceutical and medical supplies and devices require packaging components that can withstand the demands of their chosen sterilization method — be it gamma, E-beam, EtO or autoclave sterilization — and maintain their sterility until opened. These packages also meet exacting regulatory and quality standards.

Celebrating These Foundational Elements

The Three Pillars of Sterile Packaging Day

Patient Safety

Patient safety is at the heart of sterile packaging. Nurses, doctors, EMTs, caregivers and even patients themselves can effectively administer care thanks to the safety and integrity of the sterile packages protecting the medical devices and supplies they need.

Peace of Mind

When you or a loved one requires medical care, your focus is on a successful outcome and recovery. Knowing that the medical tools necessary for treatment are protected from contamination offers you and your medical team important peace of mind.

Supply Chain Strength

From the procurement of raw materials, to the stringent manufacturing process of the package itself, every link in the supply chain plays a vital role in creating protective packaging that can withstand rigorous sterilization processes and maintain its sterility until it's opened.


Industry Leaders Reflect On "Opening Possibilities"

Every time a sterile pouch is opened, a life-enhancing possibility is created. Across the care continuum, the sterile packaging industry has come together to celebrate Opening Possibilities, underscoring our commitment to quality patient care. We asked leaders to share what this year's theme means to them. Read their thoughts below.

Bringing the Care Continuum Together on Sterile Packaging Day

Easy Tips to Help You Celebrate!

TIP #1: Donate blood on February 7, 2024 at MD&M West in Anaheim.

SPMC and Informa are teaming up for a Red Cross Blood Drive on Wednesday, February 7 from 9:00AM to 3:00PM at the Anaheim Convention Center. We encourage all attendees to positively impact lives and help countless others by donating blood. Our goal is to fill every slot available for the blood drive. Please click the button below to make your appointment.

Schedule Your Appointment

TIP #2: Recognize and thank the nurses who care for those in your community.

From the NICU to the senior center and all points in-between, nurses care for all of us. That's why we encourage you to take a moment to recognize and thank a nurse, nursing team, or clinician in your community. Give them a shout-out on social media using one of our graphics below and be sure to tag the person you're honoring and use the hashtags #SterilePackagingDay and #OpeningPossibilities to be part of the celebration.

Nurse Recognition Graphics

TIP #3: Join the LinkedIn celebration with your Sterile Packaging Day posts.

Show your support and join the celebration by sharing what you and your company are doing on Sterile Packaging Day. If you're at MD&M West, be sure to have your photo taken in one our commemorative frames! You'll find them at our member company booths, the Flexible Packaging Association's booth, and the Blood Drive location. Not traveling this year? No problem! Simply download the photo frame artwork below and place your photo inside! Be sure to use the hashtags #SterilePackagingDay and #OpeningPossibilities so that we can re-post on our LinkedIn channel.

LinkedIn Photo Frame Artwork

TIP #4: Tell us in one word what "Opening Possibilities" means to you.

We want everyone to be part of this celebration, and it couldn't be easier! Please tell us in one word what “Opening Possibilities” means to you. We'll share all of your answers on LinkedIn. Simply fill out the one question form below!

Tell Us in One Word

TIP #5: Follow SPMC on LinkedIn to join the celebration and connect with others.

As a consortium of like-minded companies committed to patient protection, the member companies of the SPMC volunteer their time and expertise to provide packaging requirement guidance, test methodology clarity, standards development, and user education. Follow SPMC on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on all of our free resources as well as celebrating our incredible industry on Sterile Packaging Day!

Connect on LinkedIn

TIP #6: Attend SPMC's MD&M West presentation on Sterile Packaging Day.

Curious about the SPMC? Come meet with our members and learn about our organization's purpose and membership, as well as the activities undertaken by our various committees. Also find out about our latest white papers regarding storage conditions for rollstock and pouches. This presentation will be held at The Pack Place, Wednesday, February 7 from 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM PT at MD&M West in Anaheim.  

Learn More

Interested In More? Use And Share These Free Resources

Raise Awareness For Sterile Packaging Day

DOWNLOADABLE GRAPHICS | Download, share, print and post these high quality graphics and messages to raise awareness for Sterile Packaging Day and the many professions which work together to deliver safe healthcare!


Use the official 2024 Sterile Packaging Day logo with this year’s theme — OPENING POSSIBILITIES — to tie your celebration together. Black + white and color logo files are available for download! 



Amplify Sterile Packaging Day's Blood Drive at MD&M West by using these two downloadable graphics and the following message: "Schedule your lifesaving appointment at for Wednesday, February 7, 2024 from 9:00 AM to 3:0 PM at the Anaheim Convention Center." Be sure to use this link.



Every time a sterile pouch is opened, a life-enhancing possibility is created. Use these three downloadable graphics to underscore your Sterile Packaging Day social media messages and events. Be sure to use hashtags #SterilePackagingDay and #OpeningPossibilities.



SPMC founded Sterile Packaging Day to recognize and thank all of our partners in the supply chain. This year we're honoring nurses. Use one of these four downloadable graphics in combination with your message to show your appreciation for an esteemed nurse or nursing team on social media. Be sure to use hashtags #SterilePackagingDay and #OpeningPossibilities.


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